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IT Productivity Unlocks 71 Minutes per Week

IT Productivity Unlocks 71 Minutes per Week

71 minutes. That's the average time employees would expect to gain if their organization's IT worked flawlessly.

How does your organization compare? How much does a lack of productivity translate into lost revenue? What about employee satisfaction? The direct and indirect impacts can be significant…

Combine this with your need to INCREASE Security & Reliability and it's often a challenging balance to strike. We're here to help! Let's look at the 3 steps you can take today:

  1. Translate productivity losses into business costs

    • Estimate your version of productivity losses from IT inefficiencies
    • Translate this lost time into real business opportunity costs
    • Consider if this is a material cost and worth further IT investment
  2. Identify the systems, projects, locations or jobs that cost employees the most time

    • Get specific with the opportunities for improvement
    • Make a list of areas that DO NOT appear to need attention
  3. Get an outside perspective

    • Often, an outside partner can provide a fresh perspective beyond the existing team
    • Pushing a security agenda while delivering ease of use is often a challenging balance
    • Develop a IT roadmap to chart the path toward resolution

Finding an IT partner for an assessment, strategy or management can be a transformative step in getting your organization to the next level.

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