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Next Level Mobility Management

Next Level Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM): A key solution to supporting the evolving workforce

More mobile, more remote. Enterprise Mobility Management is a solution that builds in the flexibility most teams are demanding heading into 2023.

When choosing an EMM solution, here are the top 8 features you should demand (because they're critical to making the most of this solution)

  1. Detailed usage allocations: it's critical to detail which departments & users are consuming the most from wireless services. It helps with planning & alignment of support and cost.
  2. Consolidated invoice processing: your teams undoubtedly use multiple contracts and service providers. Consolidated processing roles all this into one invoice and centralized financial management.
  3. Device procurement: New activation, upgrades or even warranty help can be outsourced in an EMM
  4. Proactive plan management: Adjustments to plans can be made based on (semi) real-time trends, to optimize plans against actual activity
  5. Hot spares: Have an inventory on hand of hot spare devices for mission critical users, with next day availability
  6. Device imaging & kitting: Added or replaced devices should be imaged and kitted to your specifications
  7. Sanitization & recycling: With high turn-over, sanitization and recycling are true benefits for an EMM contract
  8. U.S. based help desk: Get support for device issues, accessory needs or even with password resets.

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