L3 Networks puts Customer success - FIRST.
We manage the Front-Lines, so business can get done.

Founded on the principle of strong communication & partnership, L3 has been managing the Front-Lines of IT since 2001

Why L3?

"In my experience (even back then), I noticed three qualities that truly exceptional products & services shared: a high degree of personalization, above-and-beyond customer support and communication that turned complexity into simplicity. I didn't see anything like this in the IT Services space. So I started L3 Networks on these founding principles. And 20+ years later, the formula still sets us apart!"

- Steve Griffin, founder L3 Networks, Inc.


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IT is a mission critical function for nearly every organization today. Accordingly, the selection of a qualified & established partner can play a key role in company success. Every part of our approach, offering & partnership has been honed over 20 years to delivery expertise, accountability & partnership.

Why our clients hire us:

They hire us because we come with a track record of trusted relationships. We're experts in using technology to help businesses grow. They hire us because our definition of success is their success.

Multi-site or single location, large or small - our solutions are designed to flex to meet your current (and future) needs

From 50 employees

10,000 employees

Whether our client partners are IT owners, managers or sponsors from Operations or Finance, we speak their language.

  • CTO's
  • IT Directors
  • IT Managers
  • CFO's
  • CIO's
  • COO's

Experience in your specific industry often helps dramatically reduce solution evaluation and implementation timelines

  • Financial Services
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Technology & Communications
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Science
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance Services
  • Legal Services
  • Real Estate
  • Government & Local Authority
  • Retail
  • Utilities
  • Logistics
  • Business Services
  • Non Profit


James Mason

Sales & Marketing

James joined L3 Networks in 2010. Based in Southern California, he leads the Sales and Marketing strategy. Prior to that, he headed up Consulting and Service Delivery Roles in the UK for a leading Managed Service Provider and Alcatel, spanning 20+ years.

Kev Toumaian

Business Operations

Kev is a co-founder of L3 Networks. Launched in 2001, his principal role is leading the Operational strategy. Kev has had an extensive career spanning 30+ years in operational and leadership role with IBM and Epson.

Steve Griffin

Technical & Service Delivery

Steve is a co-founder of L3 Networks. Launched in 2001, his principal role is leading the Technical and Service Delivery strategy. Steve has had a career spanning 25+ years in technical consulting and leadership roles with leading California based technology providers.

Expertise is the foundation,
but value comes from our people

When hiring, our first filter is always technical acumen & experience. But our most important criteria is problem-solving, commitment to customer success and ability to work strongly within teams. We invest in our people to make sure each is fully equipped in both the technical skills as well as the customer-centric approach the makes us so unique in the category.

Our commitment to workforce diversity

Having spent so much time building teams and partnerships with our clients, we've seen first hand that diversity in our workforce leads to stronger performance. Diverse technical fluency, perspectives, roles and backgrounds leads to better, more thoughtful solutions. We use this as a critical factors when we build partnerships and assemble teams. It's critically important.

Technologies and Standards

Our deep bench of experts help our customers adopt leading technologies and meet critical standards required in their respective industries.

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