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Tap into a truly objective team of experts who can guide your strategy and deliver on your vision


Your Challenges?
How can you increase the contribution of IT in your organization? How can you get more out of your current solutions and move faster in strategic adoption of new ones?
Our Solution
A new offering from L3 Networks called Technology Acceleration is designed to help you step up the pace of IT strategy, planning and adoption. It’s a flexible engagement model that allows offers you access to our expert team when you need them: prepping for a board meeting, getting the right solution vendors at the table, driving a strategic yet swift decision, etc.


Your Challenges?
Building (or implementing) a roadmap is a must for most IT leadership - but how best to truly enable your team to work smarter?
Our Solution
The L3 team will provide the objective guidance and leadership support to get your organization on a clear path to transformation; time-tested solutions and breadth of experience get you more quickly from A to Z


Your Challenges?
Fundamentally, how can IT teams best manage the delivery of services to customers? What's the right model for you today and tomorrow?
Our Solution
Having a view of hundreds of different organizations and models, L3 can help design your organization's ITSM (IT Service Management) approach to set-up up success for today and tomorrow

My team was so consumed with managing the day-to-day that we couldn't invest the time to build out our transformation roadmap. The L3 team came in, leveraged their incredible experience, and helped us chart our short and long term IT transformation path. Forever grateful for their leadership.

Our objectivity & established process for new client onboarding leads quickly to personalized solutions

Business immersion

Immersion into business needs, growth plans, etc.

Environment review

Review of current environment including vulnerability scanning, configuration reviews

Personalized solutions

Presentation of findings, priorities and personalized solutions

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Why trust L3 for your Professional Services?

Putting client needs first.

We define our success as your satisfaction. Period.

Understanding prioritization in IT

We operate with the premise that security & reliability come first. Always.

Being objective on products and solutions

We're not selling anything. We take an objective view and make recommendations for you. Only.

Reducing risk with field tested solutions

We bring visibility & immersion across industries, organizations and models.

Bringing expertise in proven & emerging solutions

Our presence on the front-lines requires us to be current on new technology solutions.

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Did you know?

Amongst all of our customers across industries, Security & Reliability are unanimously defined as the foundational priorities

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