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SD-WAN and Total Cost of Ownership

SD-WAN and Total Cost of Ownership

Secure SD-WAN adds security features and may LOWER total-cost of ownership

Basic SD-WAN is a very popular choice, given its scalability, for those looking for MPLS-level Quality of Service at a lower price point. And at face value, it looks like a cost-efficient solution with strong benefits.

However, as we see very often with our clients, when considering the real total cost of ownership (TCO), Basic SD-WAN may actually have limitations and be of greater total cost.

Implementation requires the networking team to deploy the next generation firewall (NGFW) and the networking team deploys the SD-WAN solution. This typically brings out two distinct issues:

  1. Without fully integrated security, there's a potential lack of integration and a connectivity option that is also another attack vector
  2. Potential performance issues with many NGFWs struggling in the face of checking an increased level of SSL-encrypted enterprise traffic for malware
  3. And ultimately, these risks and implementation requirements may present greater risk and the involvement of multiple teams leading to greater TCO

Secure SD-WAN was designed to solve these issues.

Secure SD-WAN has security built-in. It combines both network and security features in a natively integrated platform: SD-WAN, NGFW, IPS, encryption, AV, advanced routing, WAN optimization, sandboxing all incorporated in the one solution to fully protect the WAN edge.

Secure SD-WAN is becoming more popular, and more relevant today with networks becoming more distributed as remote work grows. Organizations are feeling more pressure to deliver trusted, performant connectivity to support 'anywhere, anytime' working.

Is Secure SD-WAN right for your organization?

Each organization will have it's own priorities, but an increased focus on security, improving network speed, preventing down-time and data loss are at the top of just about everyone's list.

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