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Next level email security assessment: Insight without disruption

Next level email security assessment: Insight without disruption

Email: Still the source of >90% of malware

It cannot be overstated the level of vulnerability that email presents in the overall IT security landscape. Yet, we very often see teams assuming their current systems are 'getting the job done' - if they've been lucky enough to avoid incident for a period of time.

Get expert guidance to validate your email's current security effectiveness.

Quantify the amount of unwanted, malicious and risky email reaching your users. Get expert insight on:

  1. How effective are you current email filters?

    Get intelligence to learn more about known or suspected malware, phishing, business email compromise and other threats entering your organization

  2. Are email recipients exposed to unwanted or inappropriate content?

    Learn more about the spam, newsletters, and even adult content that may be reaching inboxes

  3. What is your email traffic profile?

    Understand whether your organization appears to be at greater risk that the average, what the user experience and bandwidth use looks like, and more

Comprehensive output report is provided for current state insights in:

Security: Attachment-based attacks, malicious URL link analysis, impersonation based threats

Productivity: Spam and sender breakdown, spam to valid email ratio

Utilization: Email bandwidth and total email counts per day/ hour & email impact analysis

Here's how it works:

Systems deploys a BCC email: forwarding from external sources (minimizing your network disruption)

Monitors email logs: collect forwarded emails and logs for 10-14 days

Review security report: Investigate finding and review risks with your organization

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