Secure Your Business

Onsite or in the Cloud, We Protect Your Data Where it Lives



Integrated Managed Security

Safeguard your company’s information and protect entry points from all types of threats no matter the location or platform. L3’s Managed Security team can identify weaknesses in your network; keeping you compliant.


Network Security

L3’s cyber security experts protect your network against the continuously evolving threats that can damage your business and reputation.

Application Security

Verify that your applications are protected against malicious code that can be injected into your platform and rob you of confidential business data.

Endpoint Security

Mitigating threats requires constant coverage of endpoint devices. L3’s Endpoint Security solution protects IT infrastructure by ensuring risks are identified and remediated.

Threat Management

L3’s Threat Management Service guards your infrastructure. When suspicious activities are identified on the network, they are immediately addressed.

Security Assessments

L3 offers Security and Assessment services to identify security gaps through vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and risk analysis engagements across your IT operations.


Reduce the compliance burden on your organization. L3 provides point services that address compliance components that can be difficult to achieve.

Network Security

Whether your data and applications are onsite or in the cloud, L3 delivers the right solution to meet your specific security and compliance needs.

Onsite Private Cloud Public Cloud
Threat Management
Managed NGPW/UTM
Log & Event Management
Change Control Asset Management
Cloud Support

Application Security

Unprotected application and web service vulnerabilities represent the most common path hackers use to access critical data and disrupt businesses. L3 Networks provides effective solutions to help avoid these risks.

Layer 7 Protections

  • Detection and Response
  • Mitigate and Abate Vulnerabilities
  • DOS/DDOS, Brute Force, SQL Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting and more

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

  • Uncover and report on vulnerabilities
  • Virtual patching of detected vulnerabilities
  • Custom application protection rules
  • Developer engagement and collaboration

Service Benefits

  • Complete solution for PCI 6.6 compliance
  • Reduced risk between detection and fix
  • Protect legacy applications without development
  • Less disruption to business and development

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End Point Security

Most security vulnerabilities are exploited through Endpoint Devices, namely workstations, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Mitigating this risk requires continuous monitoring and a level of attention that many IT departments are not equipped to manage. L3’s End Point Security service provides an easily deployed solution that fully manages this aspect of security for your organization to ensure all risks are remediated in real-time.

End Point Policies & Control

Deployment and management of End Point security policies in line with Information Management Policies and Procedures to protect against malicious software and network attacks.

End Point Protection

Industry proven signature based, proactive and cloud based detection of malware threats.

Patch Management

Automated advanced endpoint software patching based on threat analysis and organizational policies and procedures.

Actively Managed

Unlimited assurance that what is detected is actively remediated.

End Point Scanning

Daily scheduled vulnerability scanning of all end points to detect software vulnerabilities that may lead to security breaches.

Active System Scans

Weekly active system scans that search and detect the presents of end point malware instances.

Web Content Filtering

Advanced Policy based web Filtering providing roaming endpoints secure parameters for web content access based on categories.

Predictable Cost

Provides a fixed price per end point and includes remediation.

Threat Management

Protecting your infrastructure relies on the right software tools and expertise on hand to manage those tools 24/7. When having that level of support "in house" isn't a viable option for your organization. L3 offers 24/7 threat management services that provide clients with a global view of their security situation day or night without requiring massive investment of multiple solutions and additional IT staff.

Detect and Respond

L3’s suite of security tools protects your data and keeps your business operating normally. As your IT partner, your company gets the added protection of 24/7 responders who take action immediately to remediate problems in real time.

Expert Security Help

Our security experts provide remediation help as well as best practice recommendations and guidance so that as your businesses develops and grows, security is always a topic of consideration when projects and changes are reviewed.

Security delivered ‘as a service’

L3’s flexible cost model allows businesses to rapidly deploy security solutions “as a service,” which is a cost-effective way to scale security up or down as needed with little or no capital expenditures. L3 utilizes the latest software and offers 24/7 service.

Pay-as-you-go Cost model

For businesses that prefer the predictable nature of a fixed monthly rate, L3 Networks offers a fixed cost model to deliver a suite of security services, which includes the most up-to-date software and 24/7 remediation support to ensure your network is protected.

Designed for Any Environment

L3’s security solutions offer the flexibility to support all site infrastructures and datacenters whether you use our private cloud, the public cloud, or a hybrid environment. Each comes with the ease of single console management.

Threat Signatures & Rules

Our security solutions utilize a 52,000+ IDS Signature database, where new signatures are added weekly, as well as a consolidation rules set from multiple sources, real time signature updates, and customer rule creation and editing.

Analysis & Reporting

Be assured that your data is being optimally protected. L3’s backup management protocol comes with audit-ready monthly and weekly scheduled reporting that’s compatible across all environments and includes priority incident reports.

L3 Managed Security provides 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, support, & incident management.

Security Assessments

With L3 as an independent partner, assessing your current security framework can help your organization validate its IT security posture, improve policies and procedures, and better educate employees on how to protect company data and meet regulatory compliance demands.

IT Focused Risk Assessment

Identify event vulnerabilities and threats that could adversely affect your organization by conducting an annual risk assessment. L3 examines all aspects of your infrastructure and information from an independent, unbiased perspective and provides formal written assessment so that you’re aware of the gaps that exist and can take appropriate action.

Comprehensive Gap Analysis

L3 views gap analysis as an extension of risk assessment. Being aware of what led to gaps in your security posture is vital to determining what initiatives and investments should be made to update and strengthen your organization’s IT. L3 Networks has the technology and operational skill sets in place to help clients undertake this process.

Customized Development of Policies and Procedures

Comprehensive policies and procedures that govern the secured management of information are vital to all organizations but require time and resources businesses don’t always have. L3 can design a customized set of documentation that satisfies compliancy regulation for PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and NIST/FISMA.


Achieving compliance can be a difficult and time-consuming process. We help you by taking responsibility for all or part of your compliance requirements no matter which regulatory standard you fall under.

Build and Maintain Security and Policies

L3 will consult, design, and implement in whole or in part, a fully managed or co-managed security deployment plan built specifically for your compliance requirements.

Monitor and Test Security Validate Policy Adherence

Ongoing compliance monitoring and validation is performed to verify whether adherence to the designed security solution is taking place. This ensures continual compliance.

Report and Attest to Certifying Authorities

L3 helps you generate log data and reports for defined compliance components used in the audit data gathering process for attestation and review.