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Our IT Management Services

L3 Networks helps businesses better manage their IT resources. Cut overall IT costs and stay current with the latest changes in technology.


Managed Services

L3 offers companies a full-service worry-free way to implement technology infrastructure that optimizes business needs with proactive support that ensures your systems are always up and running.

Service Operations

Free up time and resources for your IT team by utilizing L3 Networks for tasks that are tedious and time-consuming or complex and outside the scope of your existing capabilities.

Managed Help Desk

We provide 24/7 support to your customers or internal users and deliver measurable service levels, which eliminates the need for you to staff or recruit internally. Our team is trained on your applications and systems to provide outstanding end-user support.

Managed Services

The cornerstone of L3 Networks’ Managed Services advantage is our ability to align your business with best practice technology. We look at your entire infrastructure, identify potential problems, and provide best-fit solutions to ensure every aspect of your IT Infrastructure is supporting your business needs.

Our strategically designed solutions and reliable 24/7 support optimize the performance of your operation, and through diligent monitoring and response checks, incidents are remediated before impacting end-user experience.

De-Escalate Your Risks

Validating technology changes to production IT systems and services can be layered with risks that are hard to identify without L3’s team of technical experts available to assess tertiary impact, associated costs, regression plans and risk implications.

Peace of Mind Data Protection

Retention and backing up of data is vital to business operations. L3 Networks provides continuous management of data replication and backup systems as part of its proactive approach to protection in the event of a failure or disaster.

Asset Intelligence

L3 includes business-operation tools to help manage your IT assets, including lifecycle history, vendor support information, configuration details, and relational information in order to bring efficiency to your coverage.

Unbiased Vendor Decisions

Unlike other firms, L3 Networks has no profit incentives to sell you hardware or software. This allows us to advocate for our clients with each vendor in an unbiased way, ensuring the right technology purchase decisions and support commitments are made.

Worry-Free Management

Monthly reporting, quarterly service reviews, and ongoing service management gives clients a transparent look at the cost-value of L3 Networks’ performance, activities, and services.

Clear Cut Pricing

Within a well-defined operating framework, cost management becomes predictable and helps you stay on budget by eliminating hidden IT costs.

L3 Managed Services supports global logistics of aviation parts to over 500 cities in 190 countries

Service Operations

Free up time and resources for your IT team by utilizing L3 Networks for tasks that are tedious and time-consuming or complex and outside the scope of your existing capabilities. Our fixed cost service operations save companies money by mitigating overtime costs your IT team would incur from off-hour activities or the training required for out of the ordinary tasks.

Reliable Execution & Complete Visibility

L3 approaches technology management from the perspective of a business partner. That means everything we do ensures the best outcome for your company. Our experts always follow best practices for completing daily tasks with diligence and transparency. Work activities are performed securely and outcomes are reported to keep you up-to-date.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Rely on L3’s deep expert intuition covering all IT disciplines. Third-party support has proven to minimize downtime and increase operational continuity because processes are streamlined and managed proactively by experts who deal exclusively with IT every day.

Complementary Capabilities

One of L3 Networks’ greatest advantages is the versatility it offers businesses. Some companies prefer that their IT staff deal only with network and infrastructure management and therefore need a partner to handle help desk and user support. For others it’s just the opposite. L3 technology specialists have the skills needed to handle simple and advanced levels of service, plus they have strong people skills for employee or customer interaction.

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Managed Help Desk

Support your customers and staff with a team of content experts trained on your systems, applications and services.

Delivered As-a-Service

Quick ramp-up all inclusive. A turn-key delivery system.

Content Experts

Trained to your specifications to deliver desired outcomes.

High Availability

Helpdesk staff available anytime for support.