Revolutionize Your Business:
Migrate to the Cloud

Move Your Business to the Cloud and Leverage the Latest Advances in Technology



Be Cloud Ready

Our experts ensure your workloads, business applications and data are secure and operational no matter which cloud platform your business implements.


Cloud Integration

Avoid the common pitfalls associated with migrating your business to a cloud infrastructure by letting the experts at L3 Networks tackle the complexities.

Cloud Management

Our Cloud Management services support all cloud platforms including dedicated and virtual infrastructure. You get greater control of your network and increased security.

Cloud Connect

Connect to the application and Cloud partners that matter to your business securely and with optimal performance. Provides a guarantee that you have end-to-end service level assurance.

Private Cloud

Get a fully customized data center tailored to your company’s business needs and a dedicated team of experts to manage or co-manage it.

Cloud Integration

For companies interested in integrating their infrastructure with public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, L3 Networks has the expertise to help you through a design and implementation process that can be customized to suit your business needs.

Migrate & Integrate Selected Workloads

Define and select the appropriate platform to migrate desired workloads and integrate with existing services no matter where they live. We perform end-to-end testing, migration and deployment of your applications and data.

Pay Only What You Need

Cloud options allow businesses to pay only for resources used and needed. With the insights you provide, our team can determine the services and resources that best fit your goals and budget.

Fast Reliable Build Support

Accelerate your migration to leverage cloud infrastructure. Our best practice design support coupled with tried and tested templates and implementation tools helps get your business on track, reducing operational costs and streamlining process efficiency.

Choose Security & Compliance

L3 Networks can assess your security compliance requirements and build out the supporting infrastructure to ensure you have necessary information available at audit time.

Backup & Recover Strategies

L3 Networks provides backup and recovery strategies for all platforms in the cloud. Location diversity ensures redundancy in the event of a disaster, and our proactive approach to management guarantees backup and data restoration before service impact occurs.

Optimizing Through Integration

Let our team efficiently optimize management of your cloud solutions in conjunction with your local systems and networks. With our unsurpassed service your business enjoys a more secure and reliable cloud experience.

Cloud Management & Security Compliance

To ensure your data and workloads are secure, L3 Networks provides businesses with ongoing cloud management services of both on-premise and virtual private cloud infrastructures via public cloud platforms.

Service Quality Standards

Active management of your cloud services by our team helps facilitate service level commitments from your business to end users and customers.

Administrative Overhead Reduction

Cloud management services include OS and security patching, systems administration integrated into every workload, turnkey hosting, and application support services for a variety of workloads.

Risk and Compliance Management

Cloud security experts at L3 Networks take the complexity and expense out of managing compliance by applying best practices design and advanced tool kits.

Hybrid Cloud Support

Our versatile approach and extensive track record supporting hybrid solutions means we can manage your applications wherever they live, be it your own data center or globally from any of L3 Networks locations.

HIPAA Compliance PCI DSS Compliance SSAE Audit HiTRUST Compliance

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Cloud Connect

Direct Connect to Your Application & Cloud Partners

Leverage L3 Network Hybrid Cloud Platform to access an ecosystem of managed connectivity services to your application and cloud providers.

Improve Security

Embrace a direct-to-cloud security model that provide peace of mind, while breaking free from more appliances and network infrastructure to manage.

On Demand Service

Leverage the ability to scale up and down your cloud connection needs in line with your business demand.

Reduced Latency

Improve performance for your users to access cloud applications and services through dedicated private connectivity.

High Availability

Gain access to prebuilt highly available global access technology to your key cloud providers.

Maximum Flexibility

Our elastic approach provides internet and private network access to our Cloud Connect gateway platform and an on-ramp to a host of Cloud Providers. Leverage a one-to-many, managed solutions to ensure maximum value for money.

Better SLAs

24/7 managed and supported, exceptional uptime and all-important Service Level not achievable over the internet. Cloud Connect provide Tier 1 service commitments and reliability.

Private Cloud

L3’s private cloud provides a robust, fully customizable data center environment for even the most demanding use case scenarios. Get on-demand computing, storage, and security services, plus a network that can scale up or down as needed. From production to disaster recovery, you gain full control and deeper capabilities for advanced applications that simply can’t be accomplished in the public cloud arena. All underpinned with management services tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Virtual Private Cloud

Keep upfront costs down with L3’s Virtual Private Cloud, a platform that combines performance and scalability of a dedicated private cloud with the high availability and service level you would expect from an enterprise environment. L3 provides the resources and management interface to control and maintain your infrastructure.

Defend Against Security Threats

L3’s layered security architecture provides a comprehensive defense against malicious threats. Designed with flexibility in mind, L3 designs security models tailored specifically to individual clients rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Private WAN Connectivity

Available with both Virtual and Dedicated Private Cloud architectures, Private WAN Connectivity strengthens and secures multi-site networks, giving clients a higher level of flexibility meeting production and disaster recovery requirements.

Dedicated Private Cloud

L3’s Dedicated Private Cloud is a hybrid solution where you continue to use and manage dedicated server and storage of equipment but gain access to our Private Cloud Services for network infrastructure, security, data protection, and disaster recovery. L3 helps supplement your own cloud footprint with a unified set of management tools and services.

Benefit from a Collaborative Cloud Design

Consolidate your architecture and resource usage to improve IT service levels in your business. Benefit from a team that can help you make design, management and cost decisions, so that you can migrate to the cloud in a way that is predictable and efficient.

Diverse Carrier Internet Access

L3 Networks Private Cloud solutions utilize multi-gigabit diverse internet connectivity from multiple data centers. This eliminates single points of failure and ensures business service levels objectives are met 24/7.

  Domain Name Services

  Threat Management

  Endpoint Protection

  Access Control Services

  Security Log Management

  Multi-Factor Authentication

  Secure File Services

  24-7 Support