Leverage Our Expertise

Teaming with you to deliver expert results

Why Our Customers Trust Us

Being passionate about what we do lets us engage with our clients in a unique way. We take the often complex and impersonal nature of information technology and deliver benefits in a tangible and personal way.


Exceptional Response

We’re committed to providing the best support experience and to serving our customers quickly and professionally with guaranteed response times.

Service Centric

Our business is the delivery of superior services, we are 100% focused on this and stake our reputation on what we do best. Partner with our team to improve IT services levels within your business.

High Availability

Our team is ready when you are 24/7 whether it is unplanned outages or scheduled events we fit your needs and make ourselves available to you when you need us.

Collaborative Engagement

We will manage all or part of your IT requirements, fully managed or co-managed whatever works best for your particular situation we fit in with your team.

Company Brief

The cornerstone of L3 Networks’ Managed Services is our ability to align your business with best practice technology. We look at your entire infrastructure, identify potential problems, and provide best-fit solutions to ensure every aspect of your IT Infrastructure is supporting your business needs.

Our strategically designed solutions and reliable 24/7 support optimizes the performance of your operation, and through diligent monitoring and response checks, incidents are remediated before impacting end-user experience.

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Our Leadership

Sales & Marketing

James Mason

James joined L3 Networks in 2010. Based in Southern California, he leads the Sales and Marketing strategy. Prior to that, he headed up Consulting and Service Delivery Roles in the UK for a leading Managed Service Provider and Alcatel, spanning 20+ years.

Business Operations

Kev Toumaian

Kev is a co-founder of L3 Networks. Launched in 2001, his principal role is leading the Operational strategy. Kev has an extensive career spanning 30+ years in operational and leadership role with IBM and Epson.

Technical and Service Delivery

Steve Griffin

Steve is a co-founder of L3 Networks. Launched in 2001, his principal role is leading the Technical and Service Delivery strategy. Steve has had a career spanning 25+ years in technical consulting and leadership roles with leading California based technology providers.

Career Opportunities

L3 Networks is always on the lookout for the best and brightest talent to join our customer focus team. If you want to join our team, please get in touch with us.